Advanced full-duplex speakerphone for enterprises with Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS series:

  • 16 arrayed microphones with high voice capturing capability
  • 4 speakers with high voice reproduction capability
  • High-performance adaptive echo canceler by Yamaha
  • Wide band voice codec technology for high fidelity audio (G.722)
  • Makes your voice conference “easy to talk” and “easy to hear”.


• Arrayed microphones (directivity controlled)
Zone audio pickup function
Spot audio pickup function
• Call history (50 calls), Address book (16 SIP addresses, 50 PSTN addresses)
• Web GUI, Auto/manual F/W update, Password protection, Syslog support
• PSTN: DTMF and pulsed line support, hook time control
• Audio Device mode support, External audio support, Daisy chain expansion
• Standard SIP compliance
• DHCP and static IP support, Time synchronization using the SNTP server (Time zone setup, SNTP interval setup)
• Echo length control (Room size = Large/Medium/Small), Silence suppression
• Natural Voice Enhancer feature (high frequency boost)
• MIC/audio-in/audio-out gain control
• Ring tone volume control
• Speaker volume control
• Depending on the country, PSTN back up in case of IP failure
(Australia, Canada, China, Europe, HongKong, Macao, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States)