iPECS LIP-8000E Series

iPECS LIP-8000E series are user friendly and easy-to-use IP phones that enrich your communications experience. It consists of 7 types from entry level to professional business terminals, iPECS LIP-8000E Series are designed to best fit users’ business needs. When integrating with iPECS PBX solutions, iPECS LIP-8000E Series delivers the full features of iPECS rich call platforms. As Ericsson-LG Enterprise continues to focus on Green IT, you can also minimize power consumption with LIP-8000E Series that reduce more than 30% of power consumption and cost compared to the old models.


Suitable User
• Reception lobbies and meeting areas
• Manufacturing and retail floors
Key Features
• Affordable large deployment
• Simple to use fixed features


Suitable User
• Remote worker, Small office, Receptionists
Key Features
• Easy detection through LLDP-MED
• Standard featured IP phone


Suitable Use
• Remote worker, General office
Key Features
• 4 way navigation key
• Gigabit LAN port support
• Open VPN for remote communication


Suitable User
• Remote worker, Managers, General office,
Receptionists and Assistant
Key Features
• Optimized attendant application
• Most flexible buttons(24)


Suitable User
• Remote worker, Managers
Key Features
• Advanced application such as attendants
• Multiple line support


Suitable User
• Remote worker, Executives, Managers
Key Features
• USB Interface for local media play
• Powerful and high quality speaker
• 4.3″ Color LCD