iPECS IP8800 Series

Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS IP Phone 8800 Series improves the quality over cost equation, driving personal productivity, improving customer service and increasing revenue opportunities for your business. Our IP phones make moving easier as companies expand and users need to change offices. Just connect the phone to the LAN, its automated provisioning routines take over, you are now set to place a call. Moves, adds and changes are no longer an obstacle.


• Automated provisioning configuration
• Programmable flexible keys: Up to 4/8/12/24/10 (IP8802/IP8815/IP8820/IP8830/IP8840 Models respectively)
• Line appearances: UP TO 8/12/24/10 (IP8815/IP8820/IP8830/IP8840 Models respectively)
• Encrypted configuration files
• Password controlled Web-Based configuration
• Enhanced voice quality using wideband codec
• Line LED’s indicating call status
• Available side car to expand flexible buttons
• LCD key labeling ( IP8840 )
• WI-FI / Bluetooth support
• Supports multiple protocols(SIP or MGCP )
• Personalized ring tones
• Improved upscale design for an easy to use experience and navigation guiding you through the enhanced features

IP Phone 8802

Cost effective, optimized functionality for entry level usage such as in the office and retail stores

IP Phone 8815

Simple functionality for entry level usage such as in the office and lobby

IP Phone 8820

Standard IP phone provides the perfect combination of features and performance for most office workers

IP Phone 8830

Mid range choice to address the needs of managers or answering positions

IP Phone 8840 & 8850V

Strategic information & communications terminal with high end functionality designed to boost the productivity of Knowledge workers and other critical employees as well as administrative personnel